they/she ~ non-binary ~ cat ~ b-day Nov 26 ~ 5'6"
spent their life hanging 'round the streets, till a certain event made them decide to call it quits and try to get their life together
- born in argentina, grew up in nebraska, now lives in pennsylvania
- fluent in english, knows some spanish
- works at a gas station
- can speak in emoticons
- loves pizza, spicy food, sour candy, and root beer
- smokes weed occasionally
- drinks monster more than occasionally


it/she ~ non-binary ~ sharkcat ~ b-day Feb 2 ~ 5'1"
result of a lab experiment, it just kinda decided to do its own thing
- came from nova scotia, lives in malta
- fluent in maltese, english, and catalan
- studying chemistry
- can change colors
- mostly only eats sour gummy worms

u clicked on me!! hiiii!!!

um... what now?

damn, me? well okay then
- im non-binary! i use they/them or she/her, but my preference tends to change. idrc which you use
- im asexual biromantic! (or poly/omniromantic)
- i have both adhd and autism, which you can imagine is a very interesting combination
- i love talking about warrior cats and deltarune!!
- i also like wii modding and GD but they both have shitty communities that id rather stay away from
- i like meeting new people! though i do get anxious talking to pretty much anyone, so keep that in mind. twitter DMs are always open, discord id prefer you ask first.

i draw sometimes

im not very good at it

separate section for "doodles"

some are not listed cuz either i dont like them or am not comfortable with showing them here. sorry >_<